Corporate Wellness That Works

Your Telligen corporate wellness plan is 100% tailored to your organization and gives your employees the tools they need to make engagement easy, fun, social and sustainable.

Telligen takes a personalized approach to every corporate well-being program we create. We believe that customization and fully integrating the wellness program into your company's unique culture results in the best success. We not only create a custom program, we give you the tools and resources to drive real engagement and change. At Telligen, strategy meets technology - all from one vendor.

Complete Offerings

Our comprehensive approach focuses on creating a healthy culture with well-rounded employees, which is why we address physical, financial, personal, and professional needs. This thorough and integrated approach produces measurable results.


We offer an online wellness tool that helps users track their health and well-being goals.


We work with your employees to identify and achieve a healthy work-life balance.


We integrate with training and development opportunities within the company to illuminate opportunities. This furthers the goal of your company being a great place to work!

What Makes Us Different

A Complete Solution
Your Telligen solution includes a custom strategy, consulting, technology, and programs. All from Telligen.

Dedicated Connections
Our team becomes an extension of your team, including a dedicated consultant and account manager to help guide you to success.

Fits YOUR Culture
Your program is designed specifically for your organization, meaning it'll be a perfect fit to drive engagement, achieve goals and create a climate of change.

Mitigate Common Risks
We implement strategies to help your organization prevent, avoid, and reverse the most common and costly risk factors.

Flexibility to Make Adjustments
Ongoing engagement and results analysis over the life of your program allows for easy strategy updates to maximize results.

We use a three-step approach to determine
what works best for you.



To craft the perfect well-being program for your organization, we start with a deep, custom evaluation. We ask:

  1. How management perceives the current state of well-being at your organization. (Including how easy they think the organization makes it to be healthy.)
  2. How employees perceive the current state of well-being at your organization. (Including how easy they think the organization makes it to be healthy.)
  3. Biometric studies to measure the current health of your employees.
  4. What your organizational goals are for the life of the program (1 year, 3 year, etc.).
  5. Conduct a cultural audit to determine organizational norms.



Together we’ll create a fun, engaging wellness plan that your employees will actually want to engage with, which leads to actual change. We will:

  1. Create challenges, resources, and tools based on a Needs and Interest survey so your employees have a program that truly inspires them to engage in long-lasting lifestyle changes.
  2. Outline short- and long-term goals so your organization has a comprehensive (and achievable) well-being program timeline.
  3. Work with your internal champions to ensure you have all the engagement resources you need to excite your entire organization. 



Tracking success and making adjustments are key to a successful corporate well-being program. To help you realize your goals, we'll:

  1. Assess progress on your multi-year wellness program (well-being doesn't happen over night!)
  2. Report on engagement and well-being trends.
  3. Help you determine which challenges are a hit with your employees and which areas could use improvement.
  4. Continue partnering with popular wearable and fitness devices to make it easy for employees to engage

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