Telligen Health and Well-Being Solutions

Thank you for visiting! Telligen Health and Well-Being offers companies well-being programs and a wellness portal solution that benefits you and your employees. Click here to learn more about Telligen.

Telligen Health and Well-Being delivers wellness solutions to drive employee engagement and produce true results. With features, support, technology and tools, we can help to empower individuals to be healthy, engaged and more productive!

Program Features

  • Wellness portal (both online and mobile)
  • Custom programming
  • Wearable technology integration
  • Consulting and audits
  • Ongoing support

In addition to our packages, we also offer additional services to meet your goals and ease the program maintenance:

  • Onsite biometric screenings and/or physician fax form management
  • Results-based wellness program: incentive tracking, appeals process, and reasonable alternatives
  • Onsite classes and workshops