TWB helps honor well-being program innovation

Colleen Reily Judges the 4th Annual Edington CBIZ Next Practice Awards for Innovation in Workplace Wellbeing

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been asked to sit on an exclusive panel of judges for the 4th Annual Edington CBIZ Next Practice Awards for Innovation in Workplace Wellbeing.

The award recognizes organizations dedicated to investing in a variety of corporate well-being and wellness programs designed to promote a healthy workplace and workforce. The initiative is designed to encourage corporate wellness innovation and share successful practices to further the industry and workplace/employee wellness as a whole. It’s presented by Edington Associates LLC and CBIZ Employee Services Organization, a division of CBIZ Inc., and judged by a select panel of top well-being and employee benefit industry professionals.

I’m particularly excited about being on this panel because I’m passionate about innovative well-being programs that help companies establish effective, sustainable initiatives. Total Well-Being is built on the premise that corporate well-being programs should be customized to each and every organization and take a deep look at the company culture and climate when the program is being created and improved over time. This two-sided approach to deep customization helps create programs that are intentionally designed to promote and sustain engagement. Total Well-Being is not a “plug and play,” “off-the-shelf” solution because those solutions just don’t work.

The Next Practice Awards of Innovation in Workplace Wellbeing recognize this fact and honors companies that are taking a true step toward company and employee well-being. Encouraging program engagement historically isn’t easy, so when innovative companies find something that works it’s worth recognizing, celebrating and learning from and sharing with other organizations and leaders.

I’m also excited to be on the panel because the award is jointly-presented by Edington Associates LLC, a company run by Dee Edington, Ph.D. I greatly admire Dee as an industry peer and value his insights and expertise in the industry as well as his freely-given feedback and willingness to engage in conversation about a topic we’re both deeply passionate about – corporate well-being. Dee is one of the most notable names in corporate well-being and is dedicated to furthering the industry. If you haven’t read his book, Shared Values Shared Results¸ I highly recommend it.

Shared Values Shared Results in itself can be considered an “innovative” approach that I highly encourage all organizations to adopt. The book includes a case study and some key takeaways about successful Total Well-Being clients Chipotle and Nelnet, as well as this quote I provided Dee and his co-author about how to create a sustainable well-being program:

“To create a true culture of well-being that is sustainable, the leadership must view well-being as part of their overall business strategy with a clear set of strategic objectives, a defined process, and meaningful measurement. These types of programs can have a far greater chance to be seen as an essential element of the human capital management strategy, thus resulting in a more effective and higher employee engagement.”

If you’re interested in uncovering or developing your own innovative ways to improve your company well-being program or workplace/employee well-being as a whole, Total Well-Being offers consulting and coaching services to help you get the most out of your program. After judging this round of award submissions, I’m sure to have additional new ideas to try out, implement and tweak so together we can all keep this industry moving forward and improve overall well-being.

The 2016 award winners will be announced later this summer and invited to share their innovative ideas and practices on social media and in educational forums this fall so we can all learn from their experiences. Good luck to all the entrants, I can’t wait to see what interesting ideas the winners have implemented!

Colleen Reilly is the founder and President of Total Well-Being.

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