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Spring wellness guide

Spring engagement guide 2016

It’s officially Spring! The warmer weather and longer days make this a natural time of year to get re-energized! Spring is the perfect time to focus on well-being so take advantage of this time of year and get outside for some fresh air and exercise! The Total Well Being Spring Engagement Guide provides tips, inspiration, challenges and…

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Excite employees with a well-being challenge kickoff video

Engagement, motivation, and participation are some of the biggest challenges facing any well-being program. The best way to get employees excited about participating in a program or a special well-being challenge is to catch their attention and make participation nearly impossible to resist. Here’s a great example from Nelnet of a fun and funny way to…

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What corporate wellness programs are missing

Corporate wellness programs have good intentions but often fall short of achieving the desired outcome of continual engagement and sustained change. That’s because they’re missing key elements of engagement and drivers of success. Wellness programs often don’t go far enough, focusing too much on what people eat and how many steps they take while ignoring…

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Top professional development book recommendations

This quarter, Total Well-Being’s professional well-being challenge is to read a professional development book. Reading is great for your mind and development at any age and reading an industry, trend, self-help or professional development book can give you an added boost both personally and in the workplace. One of our favorite books is Zero Trends…

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How corporate well-being programs can improve employee productivity

Employee productivity is a metric that most companies keep a close eye on – and rightfully so. Employee productivity has a direct tie to company wellbeing and the bottom line. What few employers realize, however, is that there are simple steps they can take to increase productivity in healthy ways that will also benefit employees….

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