Excite employees with a well-being challenge kickoff video


Engagement, motivation, and participation are some of the biggest challenges facing any well-being program. The best way to get employees excited about participating in a program or a special well-being challenge is to catch their attention and make participation nearly impossible to resist.

Here’s a great example from Nelnet of a fun and funny way to get employees focused and excited. Nelnet’s CEO appeared in a challenge kickoff video that was sure to stick in his employees’ minds during the duration of the challenge – not to mention sure to get shared around the company like wildfire!

Wellness World Video from Nelnet Communication Services on Vimeo.

 A video like this is a great way to raise awareness and get people excited about big well-being challenges, like Total Well-Being’s “Walk Across America” team challenge!

Don’t forget to post your video in the Total Well-Being Strive Portal to keep employees encouraged throughout the challenge.

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