Overall Well-Being

Designing Workplace Environments to Promote Wellbeing

Designing workplace environments to promote wellbeing

Where you are and what that environment looks and feels like can heavily influence your mood, your habits and your productivity. Because so many people spend a majority of their time in the office — according to Gallup, over 50% of full-time workers spend over 40 hours per week at work — it’s imperative that…

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Winter activities

Great outdoor winter activities for every fitness level

With shorter, colder days and a lack of sunlight, winter often brings about the homebody in everyone — going outdoors can seem like too great a hassle. But staying too long indoors can negatively affect your mood, and research has shown that venturing outdoors improves mental health, mood and overall wellbeing. Winter activities aren’t just…

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biometric screenings

Why biometrics matter for well-being

As part of our comprehensive approach to well-being, Total Well-Being offers onsite biometric screenings. These screenings help give your employees an overall picture of their physical health and can quickly and easily surface health areas that need to be addressed. We’ve put together this simple overview of why biometrics matter to help you, and your…

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health office snacks

Healthy alternatives to your favorite office snacks

Do you find yourself snacking on vending machine food or breakroom treats while you work? Put the chips down because it’s time to get smart with your snacking! Our bodies need to balance proteins, fiber, carbohydrates, and healthy fats to stay satiated while we work – chips and cookies can only keep your hunger at…

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Health and travel

Practicing health and well-being while traveling

Traveling for business is a major component of many people’s work lives. Unfortunately, staying healthy and maintaining well-being isn’t always easy when you’re on the road. You’re in an unfamiliar place, away from your own kitchen, your gym or favorite workout places, your own bed and your well-being support system. It’s easy to lapse and…

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How corporate well-being programs can improve employee productivity

Employee productivity is a metric that most companies keep a close eye on – and rightfully so. Employee productivity has a direct tie to company wellbeing and the bottom line. What few employers realize, however, is that there are simple steps they can take to increase productivity in healthy ways that will also benefit employees….

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