Why biometrics matter for well-being

biometric screenings

As part of our comprehensive approach to well-being, Total Well-Being offers onsite biometric screenings. These screenings help give your employees an overall picture of their physical health and can quickly and easily surface health areas that need to be addressed.

We’ve put together this simple overview of why biometrics matter to help you, and your employees, better understand biometric screenings and why it’s a worthwhile reason to take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to receive a screening.

What Do Biometrics Screenings Measure

Biometrics are the general, measurable readings of your health. You experience many of these basic screenings during regular physician visits. However, people who find it difficult to make it to regular checkups can particularly benefit from an onsite biometric screening.

Basic onsite biometric screenings measure blood pressure, cholesterol (total cholesterol, HDL and LDL cholesterol), glucose, and general body composition (height, weight, BMI, waist circumference).

How are Biometrics Measured

Taking biometric readings is fairly quick and simple, which allows us to perform these screenings onsite.

During a biometric screening, you’ll often receive a blood pressure reading and a simple finger prick for a blood test. Results are available instantly, so employees get immediate feedback and can better plan their well-being routines.

When you work with Total Well-Being to provide onsite biometric screenings, our health professionals will set up in a private area of your office and your employees have the option of receiving a complimentary private screening. The TWB health professional will then discuss the results with each employee to ensure they understand the readings and are aware of any health indicators that need additional attention and follow-up with the employee’s primary care physician.

Why are Biometrics Important?

It’s important to regularly monitor your biometrics for several reasons. First, a simple biometric screening can identify if patients are at risk for diseases like high cholesterol, diabetes or other dangerous illnesses. Measuring height, weight, BMI, and waist circumference will also tell patients if they are a healthy weight or if they need to focus more on their physical well-being.

Regularly having a biometric reading can help individuals monitor any changes in their body and health. Working with a personal benchmark of biometric readings can help detect changes over time that may eventually lead to health issues. By having this early warning system, people can keep a better handle on their overall health.

Understanding their unique biometrics baseline gives employees a tangible way to measure health and well-being, and possibly even a goal to work through using the company’s well-being program (like weight loss or lowering cholesterol).

These screenings are a simple process that can have a major impact, and potentially even help save lives.

If you’re interested in scheduling an onsite biometric screening as part of your Total Well-Being corporate wellness program, contact your representative or get started today.

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