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Wellbeing program success

Four essential components of successful well being programs

You have decided to implement a workplace well-being and wellness program — congratulations! This is a great first step. Program development, which comes next, can seem daunting. Fortunately, there is a straightforward formula to follow when developing a program. With the right steps and planning, you will turn everyone from the boardroom to the support…

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The Link Between Positive Workplace Culture and Productivity

The link between positive workplace culture and productivity

“The simple act of paying positive attention to people has a great deal to do with productivity.” This quote by Tom Peters, the author of In Search of Excellence, illustrates how organizational culture and productivity are linked. Organizational culture, which is known as “the shared beliefs and values within the organization that help to shape…

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Colleen Reilly

How do you inspire engagement among employees?

Over 1,000 people from across Colorado listened as a panel of CEOs, general counsel and presidents addressed the question: “How can an organization create employee engagement?” At the 2017 Colorado Business Outlook Economic Forum, now in its 54th year, Colleen Reilly, the founder and vice president of Total Well-Being, a Telligen Company, moderated an executive…

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Winter activities

Great outdoor winter activities for every fitness level

With shorter, colder days and a lack of sunlight, winter often brings about the homebody in everyone — going outdoors can seem like too great a hassle. But staying too long indoors can negatively affect your mood, and research has shown that venturing outdoors improves mental health, mood and overall wellbeing. Winter activities aren’t just…

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biometric screenings

Why biometrics matter for well-being

As part of our comprehensive approach to well-being, Total Well-Being offers onsite biometric screenings. These screenings help give your employees an overall picture of their physical health and can quickly and easily surface health areas that need to be addressed. We’ve put together this simple overview of why biometrics matter to help you, and your…

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Embrace Technology for a Successful Corporate Well-Being Program

Embrace technology for a successful corporate well-being program

It’s been just under a decade since Apple’s groundbreaking iPhone smartphone hit the market and personal technology has advanced at an amazing rate since then. From smartphones to tablets to fitness trackers, people are eager to embrace advances that let them easily connect with the world and enhance their activities. 68% of American adults own…

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