About Us

The bottom line: A comprehensive well-being strategy can create a culture of thriving, healthy, happy, and high-performing employees!

With a comprehensive well-being program in place – including robust tools, strategic communication, and proven motivation techniques – employees make healthy choices both personally and professionally, and everyone wins!

A thriving culture of healthy and happy employees is more productive, and your organization will also attract and retain the right type of employees to fit the culture. This means that over time the healthcare costs can be managed more efficiently and effectively.

Who We Are

Colleen Reilly | Vice President of Well Being

Colleen Reilly is the VP of Well-Being at Telligen.  She was the former president and founder of Total Well-Being. Colleen has a rich and deep experience within the health and well-being industry, repeatedly helping companies make major strides in building and sustaining high well-being engagement within their organization and managing healthcare cost savings.

Some of her biggest accomplishments include increasing program engagement at Nelnet by 100% and saving the organization 10% on their healthcare costs in two years; working Mayo Clinic as a health strategist with more than 60 top Fortune 500 clients as well as catapulting Coors Brewing Company towards achieving awards and accolades of being one of the healthiest workplaces in the United States and saving more than $16M by creating an integrated and comprehensive wellbeing strategy.

Colleen’s true area of expertise is helping forward thinking organizations develop a culturally relevant and strategic approach to building a culture of well-being that helps both employees thrive as well as the bottom-line.

Colleen earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, Chemistry and Physics (combined science) from Santa Clara University as well as a double Masters in Business Administration and Science Management with an emphasis in sports and wellness management from the University of Denver. She is a certified health coach through EduCoach Ltd. Colleen formerly served on the board of the Colorado Governor’s Council for Physical Fitness, and was an adjunct instructor at the University of Denver, teaching philosophy of wellness.

Scott Pashley | Sales Manager

Scott is an accomplished business development professional, sales manager and entrepreneur with a strong history of developing and selling health, wellness, and SaaS products directly to companies and through channel partners. Scott has a proven track record leading business development teams in the health & wellness and interactive sports industries and brings over twenty years of leadership, innovation, strategic thinking and sales management to the Total Well Being team.