Your Path to Corporate Wellness Program Success

Well-Being and Wellness Programs Personalized to your Unique Company Culture

Our custom well-being programs, consulting and employee wellness portal provide a robust corporate wellness solution that engages employees and builds a culture of well being. Our team provides the tools and consulting to design and implement a well-being program that continually drives engagement and positive change, leads to managed healthcare costs and enhances organizational climate and workplace culture.


We utilize an online and mobile wellness platform that helps users track their health and well-being goals


We work with your employees to identify and achieve a healthy work-life balance and satisfying workplace culture.


We integrate with training and development opportunities within the company to illuminate opportunities.

Develop a custom wellness strategy that is tailored to optimize your unique culture and your employee’s health, happiness, and productivity.

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The Telligen Difference

Telligen creates a corporate well-being plan specifically designed for your company. Our three step approach ensure personalization for better engagement and success. No off-the-shelf solution here.

1 Evaluate

We do an in depth evaluation of your organization from the top down to discover your unique culture and needs.

2 Craft

We create a customized, progressive wellness plan to drive real excitement and engagement among your employees.

3 Realize

Your personalized plan is designed specifically to encourage long-term, sustainable success and real change.

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